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Tengen Bearing Company is currently engaged purely in trading business of bearings industry. This article, by Tengen Bearing Company, is intending to highlight to importers from worldwide the advantages of dealing and buying with a trading company.

According to official report, production of China made bearings is expected to hit 8 billion sets of quantity in year 2010, with over 15,000 types of bearings, and accumulated sales turnover of 84 billion Chinese Yuan. Out of the 8 billion sets of bearings, approximately 3 billion sets are exported worldwide by many tens of thousands of bearing manufacturers and many hundred thousands of bearing distributors and resellers.

Chinese bearings market has its' unique market configuration unlike any other industrial advanced countries such as Sweden, Germany, and the United States. The estimated 15,000 types of bearings are in fact the joint force of many tens of thousands of manufacturers. This attributes that the Chinese bearings market is greatly fragmented and scattered. For example, manufacturers who specialized in deep groove ball bearings may not be technically sound in spherical roller bearings, or vice-versa. There are facts, the manufacturers who involve themselves in selling and marketing will certainly implicated in trading activities, while some manufacturers concentrate only in production engineering of their specialized types of bearings and have all the selling activities on their distributors. In such a case, a trading company will be able to provide greater level of support to customers, especially when many types of bearings are involved.  A professional trading company is acting as a communication hub for numbers of manufacturers and one buyer, enabling the buyer to hear from many rich resources of Chinese market from one place.  Tengen Bearing Company, with many years of local supply chain networks and being closely tighten up with the Chinese bearings market, we definitely will be your one stop sourcing platform of Chinese bearings.

There are many thoughts of enjoying lower price when buying from a manufacturer directly; this may not be realistic especially in Chinese bearings market. Lower price is out from comparison, which is the nature of purchasing procedures, comparing prices from different sellers. The fact is that, importers from oversea countries are communicating with the seller in China via telecommunication, emails, or any other forms of internet communications, from a different time zone, by a language barrier. The importers have least possibility to get real picture of a local manufacturer, which including size and actual scale of the manufacturer, actual production capability, and its¨ quality control system and so on. These factors have limited the importers of doing enough evaluations and comparisons.  Comparison of prices is greatly necessary for a  reasonable price in such a fragmented market. A local trading company will be able to do better; the prices will be theoretically lower after more comparison and negotiation. Furthermore, there is no lowest in price in Chinese market, but only lowest in quality.  All you have to have is a trusted supplier in China. The properly set corporate mission of Tengen Bearing Company is:-


^We aim to be one of the most Preferred and Trusted
Chinese Bearings Supplier”






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