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China has made great effort penetrating into international market, and the result shows positive over the years. The accumulated export quantity is reported increasing every year. Total production of China made bearings is expected to hit 8 billion sets of quantity in year 2010, with over 15,000 types of bearings, and accumulated sales turnover of 84 Billion Chinese Yuan.
Generally, bearings that produced in China are exported in three types of packing:
  White Box Packing
Bearings are unbranded, ready packed in an unprinted white box. Importers will usually brand the bearing by themselves when the container arrived at their home country. According to unofficial report, more than 60% of total exports of bearings are packed in the white boxes.
  OEM Branded Packing
Bearings are supplied in a ready printed packing box, they are already branded as importer request. The importer of bearings provides branding details, such as registered trademark documents and graphic designs of packaging boxes, the exporter supplies the bearings in the ready printed packaging and branded boxes.
  Local Branded Packing
There are some Chinese enterprises aiming to develop their own brands of bearings, though so far none of them have successfully developed internationally renowned brands like SKF, NSK, FAG and etc…. Local branded bearings are recognized by some importers who do not criticized on brand name but cost.
TENGEN Bearing company is currently engaged purely in trading business, we support mode of White Box Packing and OEM Branded Packing. In cooperation with our professional product knowledge, we aim to be your Ease of Buying Solution, no more hassles buying from China.


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General Catalogue
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